• AustinAndAllyFan

    My Wiki Promotion

    December 28, 2014 by AustinAndAllyFan

    Hey! Me, Mary, and NikkiSarah need users on the Austin And Ally Spinoff Wiki. We made it neater and added stuff to the main page. The episodes are from the other arcive of this page and I gave ya'll credit of course. We will have 4 seasons, 110 episodes, tons of crossovers and hour long speicals. We also need users to contribute on the wiki because if people don't contribute the wiki is alone and lonely and it's boring because no one does anything. We have an awesome wiki and it would mean a lot if u guys joined. We're doing all this work for u guys to enjoy. I hope ya'll join. Thanks.

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  • NickandDisneyFan14

    What is your favorite episode in Season 1 of Haunted Hathaways.

    1.  Pilot
    2.  Haunted Sleepover
    3. Haunted Science Fair
    4. Haunted Kids
    5. Haunted Volleyball
    6. Haunted Babysitter
    7. Haunted Doll
    8. Haunted Dog
    9. Haunted Play
    10. Haunted Interview
    11. Haunted Halloween
    12. Haunted Principal
    13. Haunted Cookie Jar
    14. Haunted Camping
    15. Haunted Boat
    16. Haunted Bakery
    17. Haunted Brothers
    18. Haunted Pranks
    19. Haunted Crushing
    20. Haunted Visitor
    21. Haunted Secret Agent
    22. Haunted Bowling Alley
    23. Haunted Boo Crew
    24. Haunted Viking
    25. Haunted Duel
    26. Haunted Voodoo
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  • 17Nanorobin

    Joining the Wiki

    November 30, 2013 by 17Nanorobin

    I joined this wiki for fun mostly, and so I can get some point of talking with you guys about the Haunted Hathaways. So there is nothing much, this is not meant to be a spam page, and I look forward to editing on here!

    By the way, how did Louie Preston die anyways?

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  • Solonor1987

    Hi i'm a users of Haunted Nightmare that will be fun if more members users come to this wiki.

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  • Saaronbob22
    1. Favorite Character?
    2. Favotite Episode so far?
    3. Miles/Taylor (Tiles), Frankie/Louie (Fouie), or Ray/Michelle (May)?
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  • Tropicaljackson

    hey guys

    August 2, 2013 by Tropicaljackson

    hey guys i am new here

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  • AriaIsA


    July 23, 2013 by AriaIsA

    Hey! Would u like to be friends with me?! $$$###

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  • AriaIsA


    July 23, 2013 by AriaIsA

    Hai guys!!! My profile is kinda sucky so I wa ing of u could give me requests! Maybe it idea will be on my user page!!!

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  • AriaIsA


    July 23, 2013 by AriaIsA

    Hai guys! I am not sure if pairings pages were created yet because I searched for 'Pairings' and nothing appeared. So can u link me if there are pairing pages? If not, plz tell me. :D

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  • Zannabanna

    Make sure to tune in to Nickelodeon tonight to watch the premiere of Haunted Hathaways!

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  • Saaronbob22

    Don't forget to watch it.

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  • BatJarleyPatrickCher

    Hey everyone! I'm sorry I haven't been on for suuuch a long time. I just had tons of stuff and other chiz to do. But now i'm back and I wanted to thank Zannabanna, CrAsh, & JessyPop for doing so much on the wiki! Thanks a ton! CrAsh and JessyPop are now admins :D

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  • CrAsh

    Haunted Hathaways Wiki

    March 28, 2013 by CrAsh

    Hey! My name is Jake and I'm a user on here. I will be editing on here.

    The Haunted Hathaways is a Nickelodeon show airing in Fall 2013, watch it! xoxo

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  • BatJarleyPatrickCher

    When this wiki gets more popular,, I will hold voting for featured articles.

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