Let's do this.. Louie style!
— Louie

Louis "Louie" Christopher Preston is the son of Ray Preston, and is Miles Preston's younger brother. He, along with his brother and father, lives with the Hathaways. He is portrayed by Benjamin Flores Jr. It is currently unknown what the cause of his death was.


Louie is the younger son of Ray Preston, and he is the younger brother of Miles Preston. Unlike his friendly older brother, Miles, Louie tends to be feisty and sarcastic and does like haunting people. At first, Louie wants to get rid of the Hathaways, but after Taylor saves them and Michelle attempts to save them, his father agrees to let them stay in the house. Frankie seems to like him, claiming that he is awesome after meeting him for the first time. He also seems to be the only one in his family who doesn't want to share the house with the Hathaways.


  • He became a level 1 ghost after transforming himself into a wolf.
  • He was supposed to reach level 2 but missed the test to help Frankie.
  • As of Haunted Boo Crew , he is a member of the Boo Crew .
  • He is one of the few ghosts to know who the Thunderman family are and that they have super powers.
  • In Mostly Ghostly Girl he caused Frankie's birthday party to be canceled because after he was mishandled the mud ball launcher.
  • He is most misbehaving son of the Preston Family.
  • He and his brother are always misbehave with the Hathaways.
  • He gets scared very easily.
  • He becomes a level 2 ghost in Haunted Swamp.
  • Louie was bullied by Dwayne


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