Meadow MacIntosh is a new student, Taylor's best friend and member of the The Fighting Inchworms. She is portrayed by Juliette Angelo.


Meadow is a quirky, adventurous, loyal, but clumsy girl . She gets nervous a lot, especially when it comes to performing gymnastics in front of crowds. She gets a confidence boost from Taylor, when she needs to perform at the gymnastic competition at Kirschener High School.

Episode Appearances

Season 2


  • She loves bad movies.
  • She loves being part of a team.
  • Her favorite sport is gymnastics.
  • Her favorite food is macaroni pizza.
  • Her personal hero is Amelia Earhart.
  • She is a member on gymnastic team The Fighting Inch Worms.
  • She started a fire at one of her old schools.
  • Her dad is in the army.
  • Kirschener High School is her fourth school she's attended within 4 years.
  • She's an excellent gymnast.
  • Her character is named after the famous Harlem Globetrotters player MeadowLark Lemon.
  • She can see ghosts (after Taylor accidentally hits Meadow in the head while using Madame LaBeuf's staff)
  • Miles accidentally revealed that he is ghost so now she knows about ghosts.
  • She's the second person outside of the Hathaways to know about the Prestons being ghost, the first is James.(Technically she would 9th "ish" person outside the Hathaways to know about the Prestons being ghost, but the Thunderman family and Dr. Colosso, the rabbit, don't count as they are not regular humans)


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