Michelle Barberella Hathaway is the mother of Taylor and Frankie. She is portrayed by Ginifer King. It is currently unknown what the cause of her divorce was.


Michelle is a frazzled but good hearted, single mom from New York City who is well meaning if not a little clumsy. In an effort to restart her life, she moves her family to New Orleans and opens a bakery. Above all else, she wants what is best for her family – she just never thought it would involve trying to raise two daughters while running a bakery and living with ghosts


  • Her middle name Barberella was revealed in (Haunted Boo Crew)
  • She's a size 13 shoe.
  • She has a marketing degree.
  • She is divorced.
  • She helps Ray discipline his sons when they misbehave.
  • She is 43 years old according to an interview with Ginifer King.
  • She is one of the few people to know who the Thunderman family are and that they have super powers.
  • She's the third person, to know how to go ghost world, by getting ghost sweat.


And the crowd goes wild! Especially the mom who needs her tables washed!
— Michelle

Be sure to push the donuts. They're square too. Don't judge me.
— {{{2}}}

Welcome to Pie Squared. All the pies are square. It's also a math term, so fun on two levels!
— Michelle

Listen closely. You've got twenty minutes to pack your things and get out of here. You got that, Saxophone Stu? Good slam, right? Cause his name is Ray.
— Michelle

She knows what she's doing, she came highly recommended from the man outside. Who talks to his hand.
— Michelle

Children can't be around ghosts, that's parenting 101!
— Michelle


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