"Well, just please be careful"
— Mirabelle

Mirabelle is Miles's recurring ghost girlfriend on the series Haunted Hathaways.


Mirabelle is sweet natured, nice, soft spoken, smart, and polite ghost girl. She is smitten with Miles until a misunderstanding with Frankie causes her to run off. After a failed plan with Ray posing as Mirabelle the truth comes out and Mirabelle is smitten with Miles again.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2


  • The first human she met was Frankie.
  • She loves Miles Preston.
  • She becomes a recurring character in Season 2.
  • Like Miles, she hates crooked bow ties and haunting.
  • Her favorite book is the "The Art of Polite Ghosting"
  • She likes sock puppets, museums and learning.
  • Mirabelle ends up attending a boarding school and their relationship becomes a long distance one. (Haunted Secret).


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