Well, if it isn't Francesca Hathaway!
— Penelope Prittchard

Penelope Pritchard is a recurring character on the Haunted Hathaways. She is a bratty student in Frankie's class who is also her former nemesis/rival.


Penelope is rich yuppie girl, pompous, girly-girl, self-proclaimed brat who is an enemy and superior to Frankie. She has a wealthy upbringing and snobby, self-righteous attitude. Her only friend is her butler Wordham whom she forces to do everything she tells him to do.


Season 1

Season 2


  • She owns a huge collection of dolls.
  • She comes from a wealthy family.
  • Her only friend is her personal butler Wordham.
  • She lives in a mansion.
  • People know her as the "Crazy Doll Girl."


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