Site Policy Rules

  1. This wikia is an all ages wikia, meaning that all content submitted here must be G-rated or whatever is the local regional equivalent stated by law.
  2. The use of profane or obscene language is not permitted.
  3. The use of obscene material is not permitted.
  4. Do not erase information unless you know it is false.
  5. Do not write false information on a page. It will be immediately erased. Also, do not create a page with false information for it will be deleted. If you would like to delete a page, please see an admin.
  6. No spamming! Spamming is posting the same thing over and over again, usually just to get achievement points. Spamming falls under commenting the same thing more than once and editing a page once every word just to get achievement points.
  7. There is rules about categories about to be placed when a user adopts the wiki. 
  8. Do not add unnecessary images to galleries. For more information scroll down to the Image Policy section. (this will be added in the future)
  9. Discussions intended to support political viewpoints are not permitted. Even indirect referencing will not be tolerated.
  10. If you disobey the rules you will get a warning, and then a ban if you do it again.
  11. These are just guidelines. If we see other inappropriate behaviors we will give you a warning.

We'd like to thank the House of Anubis Wikia for the initial version of this policy list.
More may be added at a later date.
Thanks, BatJarleyPatrickCher, and CrAsh.