Taylor-Miles Friendship
General Information
Nickname Tiles
Friendship Started Pilot
Friendship Status Friends

This is the friendship pairing of Taylor Hathaway and Miles Preston

Friendship History


Pilot - Taylor first sees Miles when she goes to close the refrigerator. He then introduces himself to a scared Taylor, who runs out to get her mom. Later in the episode, Taylor is getting ready for the girls on the Fighting Inchworms when Miles reappears. Miles tries to clean the bakery for Taylor but doestn't tell her he also waxed the floor. She ends up falling and getting icing in her hair. Miles trys to make it up to her by fixing her hair.  When he is finished, she claims she looks like the bride of frankenstein and leaves to greet the guest. Taylor is trying to impress the girls on the Fighting Inchworms team. After seeing Taylor act weird, the girls try to leave but Miles locks the door.

He takes over Taylor's body, does a gymnastics move and unlocks the door. The girls are impressed and make Taylor promise to join the team. She promises and the girls leaves. Taylor thanks Miles and Miles says it's been a long time since hes had a friend. Miles is then summoned by Madame Lebeuf. Taylor runs upstairs and sees all of the ghost beginning to disappear. She gets her mom to ask Madame Lebeuf to stop. After a failed attempt to stop the spell by Madame Lebeuf, Taylor grabs her stick and smashes the magic orb. Later they are all seen having dinner together.


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