Taylor Hathaway is the main teen character in Haunted Hathaways. The daughter of Michelle Hathaway and the older sister of Frankie Hathaway. She is a gymnast who strives to put her work into everything she does.


Taylor is an upbeat, friendly girl with a passion for gymnastics. She is very kind, but she is also a bit sarcastic, sort of like Louie. At first, Taylor immediately dislikes Miles and Louie, but after Miles helps Taylor out with getting the gymnastics team to like her, they become friends and Taylor realizes that Miles and his family are not just a bunch of ghosts, they are good people. 


  • She has a passion for gymnastics.
  • Taylor is allergic to dogs.
  • Since she turned 10, she has always wanted a dog.
  • She is one of the few people to know who the Thunderman family are and that they have super powers.


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